About Us

ICT ARMY OF ARTISTS LOGO-ColorThe North End Urban Arts Festival was launched in 2014 by Wichita’s very own Army of Artists. Our Army is a peaceful collective of artists, social activists, and community leaders who have banded together to create, commune, and lead a revolt in the arts of Wichita. Alongside the festival, we are engaged in several mural installations and many other artistic endeavors. Our mission: to promote social justice and change while revealing the exquisite and unique abilities of our city’s artists, both visually and audibly. We long to move you, inspire you, make you question, and make you think. We are revolutionaries, and you are welcome among us! We value new ideas and approaches, and are currently garnering the support of national artists to add to our roster.

If you have any questions email us (thenorthendurbanartsfest@gmail.com), or find us on our North End Urban Arts Festival Facebook page and send us a message!

We would like to especially thank Carlos Palomino for his work on our logo!

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