Festival Vendors

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Are you an artist who’s looking to get your paintings, photography, or otherwise artistic voice out to the community? Are you a crafter with an itch in your bones to give your work some exposure? Are you a performer with a desire to show the world your creation? If so, then the North End Urban Arts Festival is the place for you. Please read the terms and conditions below and then fill out our CALL FOR ENTRIES form, and become an part of this amazing event.

If you have any questions email us (thenorthendurbanartsfest@gmail.com), or find us on our North End Urban Arts Festival Facebook page and send us a message!

Are you thinking about being a vendor or performer at the North End Urban Arts Festival? Great! We want you to participate!
How do I get in? It’s real simple; you must pay a minimal fee for a 10×10″ booth space, provide a valid DL number and agree to be responsible for the set up and cleanup of your space…simple right? Let’s get started!

Due to limited spaces available for the display and sales of arts and crafts, we will take applications on a first-come-first-serve basis and encourage you to apply as early as possible to ensure you get a space. We are continually reviewing applications and will notify all applicants on their status September 20th, 2017. We reserve the right to deny any application. 

We are requesting a small fee for individual artist and crafter booth space. Because this is community/volunteer event, all the funds collected will be used to cover production expenses for the festival.
If the vendor is a “brick-&-mortar” business, we do ask the purchase of at least the minimum business sponsorship; which includes booth space, plus businesses logo on all posters, handbills, Festival website, and social media, along with a $10 Voucher for the Street Food Gallery. More information can be found on our Business Sponsor page.
The City is also imposing an Transient Merchant Fee (TMF) that is applied on a per vendor basis.

Individual Artists & Crafters
Early Bird (Closes August 15th): $30 + $10 TMF
Regular (Closes September 15th): $50 + $10 TMF
Tent Rental: $20

The festival will be taking place at NOMAR International Plaza located on the intersection of 21st and Broadway. All vendors/artists are required to set up their booth spaces and clean up after the festival is over. You will be assigned a load-in time between 10am – 2pm. We also ask that your booth is manned at all times during the festival.  You may begin to tear down your booth after 8:45pm. You are also responsible to take all trash left behind in your booth/art space. Remember, this is community volunteer event and we need everyone to help make this a successful experience.

All sales are to be handled by the vendors individually. If you have a registered business, make sure to include your Tax ID # in the application. If you don’t currently have a Tax ID #, an umbrella tax id will be provided for you. The North End Urban Arts Festival is not responsible for issues associated with the sale of products during or after the festival.

If you are selected to participate as a vendor, artists, performer, we ask that you help us get the word out about this event! Please share our marketing materials on social media such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter and on your newsletters, mailing lists and email. Marketing materials will be provided via email once your application is processed and accepted. We ask that you use the following hashtags on social media:
#TheNorthEnd #NorthEndUrbanArtsFest  #NEUAF2017 #WeMakeArtHappen

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